Cagayan de Oro school project

Cagayan de Oro City is a major city with more than 600.000 inhabitants on the island of Mindano in the south of the Philippines.


In this city there are many people that can not send their children to school because of their financial situation.


In cooperation with our local project partner, Cagayan de Oro Praise Cathedral, we want to enable children and juveniles to go to school. In Cagayan de Oro we provide funds for children in elementary school as well as in high school.


The monthly costs for attending the high school (transportation, costs of school projects, meal etc.) sum up to an amount of about 30 Euro. This equals - depending on the income of the parents - up to 50 % of the monthly income or even more. In addition the costs for school uniforms and school materials have to be covered.


Our local project partner identifies the children that are qualified for the programm and executes the planned steps. A monthly accounting concerning the received funds is set up by the project partner as well.


This project start in June 2016.

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